Feasibility report on the increase of foaming furnace production line

作者: JML
发布于: 2022-12-05 00:00
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The company after the board of directors study, decided to increase the production line of PVC foaming furnace next year, according to my company since 2008 has gone through 13 years of production and business history, product quality has a high reputation, the product market share increased year by year, now realize the 24-hour continuous production, the product is still in short supply. Foaming furnace is the key equipment in the manufacturing process of anti-slip mats, which is used for foaming and molding of anti-slip mats. Due to the increase in demand for anti-slip mats, our company needs to increase the production line of foaming oven to meet the market demand and increase production capacity. The introduction of the foaming furnace can effectively improve the production efficiency and capacity. The use of foaming furnace can ensure the stable quality and consistency of anti-skid mats. By controlling parameters such as temperature, pressure and time of the foaming oven, a precise foaming process can be achieved, resulting in a compliant anti-slip mat product. The introduction of foaming ovens improves product quality control and consistency. The use of foaming ovens can be utilized not only for the production of traditional anti-slip mats, but also for the manufacture of other types of foam products. By adding the foam oven production line, we can expand our product range and produce a diverse range of foam products to meet the needs of different markets and customers. Foaming oven is one of the key technical equipments for the production of anti-skid mats. The introduction of advanced foam furnace production line can improve the technical level and competitiveness of the enterprise. To prepare for the expansion of production next year, the directors decided to do further market research. Researchers: Chief Engineer as the head of the research team. Members of the technical department minister, sales manager.